September 2019 Character Awards Announced

September 2019 Character Awards Announced
Posted on 09/27/2019
Character Award

Congratulations to these amazing September Character Award nominees and our award winner; Aaron Henness - DSC/NSV Delivery Driver, who was nominated for his FLEXIBILITY.

BOE: Brook Allred - Compassion

DSC: Jeremy Hurt - Diligence and Aaron Henness - Flexibility

SPED: Jenni Herndon - Availability

SHHS: Paul Young - Enthusiasm and Stephenie Higgs - Diligence

SHMS: Aaron Todd - Availability

WSMS: Rod Sprague - Availability, Janell Pollom - Dependability, Amy Oberkrom - Dependability, Angela Tauer - Enthusiasm, Jolene Rutledge - Dependability, and Brendan Clary - Enthusiasm

SHES: Shelly Stringer - Initiative and Rachel Barnes - Patience

PCES: Carmen Taylor - Patience

TSES: Andrea Melius - Compassion and Patience, Kendra Walsh - Flexibility, Lola Slyter - Compassion and Patty Taylor - Flexibility

WCES: Sandra Lancelloti - Dependability, Samantha Tipton - Enthusiasm, Michelle Harris - Dependability, Christie Weber - Dependability, Amy DeZeeuw - Creativity, Ashley O’Malley - Patience, Jennifer Hunt - Compassion, Amy Marcum - Flexibility, Shawn Jones - Creativity, Emily Heinrick - Dependability, Caitlin Sinks - Enthusiasm, Kathy Blanchard - Perseverance, Amanda Kimmi - Initiative and Jennifer Talbott - Dependability



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