FAQs for Parents

We will post FAQs on this page as we have answers to your questions. New questions and answers will be added to the top of the page for easy reference.

Q: When does the school year (Continuous Learning Plans) end?
A: Last day for seniors is May 13. Last day for 8th graders is May 20. Last day for all students is May 21.

Q: Has a date for graduation been determined?
A:  We are excited to announce our plans to celebrate the success and accomplishments of the graduating class of 2020! Based on the results of the 2020 Graduation Survey completed by graduating seniors, the district plans to hold an in-person graduation on July 25, 2020, at 10 am at Spring Hill High School. We will abide by the state/county social distancing restrictions to determine the largest occupancy possible for this event.

Regardless of what graduation looks like, we will be celebrating our seniors on July 25!

More information about this event will be provided as restrictions are lifted and the event nears.

Q: When will my elementary student receive their yearbook?
A: Each elementary school yearbook sponsor is working diligently to finalize the yearbook layout to submit to the printer. It typically takes 5 weeks from the receipt of the copy to print and ship to each school. It is our goal to have the yearbooks available to students when they pick up their possessions. However, since there is no definite date for either possession pick-up or receipt of yearbooks, there is a chance that distribution will occur in August. Mailing and delivery accommodations will be made for students moving out of the district or on to middle school.

Q: Will schools still recognize honor roll students?
A: Yes

Q: How do I get my elementary student's 3rd quarter grade card?
A: On Friday, April 3 at noon, all teachers will have finalized the third quarter grades. You can access your child's grades by logging on to Skyward and going to the Gradebook. A log-in button, as well as some information about Skyward can be found at this link: 

Any family that needs a printed grade card can email their school and one will be mailed home.

Q: How will my student earn grades for the fourth quarter?
A: As long as students are completing all work assigned by teachers through the Continuous Learning Plans at a satisfactory level, your student will maintain their current grade at the end of the third quarter for the fourth quarter. However, not completing assignments at the secondary level can negatively affect fourth quarter grades.

If a student needs to raise their grade from the third quarter to the fourth, they will need to work with their teacher to determine the quality of work needed to raise the grade. 

Q: Do I need to turn in the work my student completes for the Elementary Choice Boards?
A: To limit the contact between families and staff, elementary students will not be returning work completed on the Choice Boards. Choice Boards are designed to be real-world learning activities that can be completed and evaluated at home.

Q: Will the schools be taking attendance?

A: No, however, students are expected to complete the work assigned. Teachers will check in to make sure students are engaging in the work and will communicate with parents and principals if there are concerns.

Q: My student's (school provided) device isn't working what should we do?
A: If you are having trouble with your device contact your school's Media Center (SHHS, SHMS - Mrs. Cheek, WSMS - Mrs. Burman). If you are unable to send an email contact Technology Support staff at (913) 592-8155.

If your device requires hardware repair, submit a ticket by emailing support@usd230.org (requires your usd230.org email) or if you are unable to email please call (913) 592-8155. You will be provided a link to schedule an appointment to drop off your damaged equipment and pick up a loaner device.
-At your scheduled time, go to the District Service Center at 304 S. Webster St., Spring Hill.
-Enter through the north door, watch for signs.
Aerial map of district service center with arrow pointing to north door
-Ring the doorbell and someone will buzz you in.
-Inside the vestibule, you will see multiple device stations, locate the one with your ID. Leave your device and pick up your loaner.
-We will contact you when your device has been repaired and you can sign up to retrieve it.

Q: How will I receive my spring picture orders?

A: Spring pictures ordered before March 24, 2020, will be available to be picked up at your child's school when you pick up their possessions. Orders placed online after March 24, should receive their spring picture orders by mail. We are working with Inter-State Studios to provide spring picture proofs by email to Spring Hill Elementary School parents.

Q: How can I return my student's library books?
A: Please hold on to your library books until schools are open for parents to pick up student possessions. At that time you will be able to return any items borrowed from the school.

Q: What fees will be refunded to parents?
A: Bus (pay-to-ride) and preschool fees will automatically be refunded on a prorated basis if there are no other fees owed to the district. Once we can verify the family does not owe any other fees, we will either refund via RevTrak (if paid online) or via a check (if paid in cash or check). It is our goal to have all automatic refunds processed by the end of April.

Meal account balances will be automatically carried over to the next school year. If your student is a graduating senior without younger siblings or other fees owed, the balance will be refunded at the end of the scheduled school year. If a family is facing financial hardship and needs a refund, please send the following information to nutrition@usd230.org: parent name, student(s) name and address. Refunds will not be made until April.

Instruction and technology fees will not be refunded.

Field trip payments are being located and refunded from vendors (if applicable) by school secretaries. Once funds are returned to the school, refunds to parents will be made in the form of a deposit to the student's food service account.

Information regarding Driver's Education and the related fee will be emailed directly to those who have registered.

Q: Will the schools organize a parade (or similar event) for students to see their teachers and school staff?
A: At this time the district does not recommend any type of event or gathering that would provide an opportunity for our community members to violate the orders set forth by Johnson and Miami counties. We will not be organizing a parade (or similar event). We appreciate the intent behind the desire to do this, however, the safety of our students and staff is our number one priority. 

Q: What happens to the hand sanitizer and wipes that were left at the schools?
A: All remaining bottles of hand sanitizer and packages of wipes were donated to health care facilities in our local community.

Q: Can I enroll my student in the district's virtual school(s)?
A: Our virtual schools are not accepting new students at this point in the school year. 

Q: My student takes medication at school and I need the remaining medication at home. How do I pick it up?
A: Health Services staff will contact families with medication/medical supplies kept at school to arrange for safe return of these items. If you need a medication or medical supplies immediately, please email your school office.

Q: When will I be able to pick up my student's possessions from their classroom or locker?
A: Due to the 30-day stay at home order issued by Johnson County on March 22, 2020, the pick up of student possessions (excluding medication/medical supplies) from classrooms and lockers will be delayed for 30 days or until the order is revoked. Specific dates and times for pick up will be provided by your school.

Q: Will students and/or families be able to participate in important events like graduation?

A: There are many events and activities that are affected by this school closure. We understand how important they are to students and families. As of right now, activities such Kindergarten Round-Up, Prom, Graduation, and the like are postponed. We will continue to work with the county and state to determine an appropriate time to reschedule without violating county or state orders.

Q: Will my student(s) have to take state assessments?

A: Dr. Randy Watson, Kansas Commissioner of Education, reported as of 3/19/20, unless there are changes in federal or state guidelines, there will not be state assessments given this year.

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