Teacher Excellence Grants

In 2016, the Spring Hill Education Foundation awarded their first Innovation Grants to district teachers. They distributed $4,049 to six recipients. The projects included:  STEM Bins, OSMO Explorer Kits, Anatomy in Clay, Breakout EDU, Empathy Belly and Alternative desk/work spaces for students.   

The 2017 Innovation Grant projects included: STEAMing Ahead @ PCES: With LittleBits, Steppin' Up Learning, Design & Build Engineering, Raku - A Japanese Tradition, Shaken Baby Simulator and Flexible Seating @ SHMS.  

In 2018, the foundation changed the name and focus of the grant to Excellence Grants for Teachers. The foundation awarded $11,377.26 to teachers:
Prairie Creek Elementary School - Broadcasting Studio Equipment
Wolf Creek Elementary School - Mobile Makerspace
Spring Hill Middle School - #SHMSReadandRide 
Spring Hill High School - T-shirt Dryer

In 2019, the foundation awarded $# in Teacher Excellence Grants.
Spring Hill Elementary School - $2,500 for Drum Circle Project and $200 for Video Announcements
Wolf Creek Elementary School - $2,500 for World Music Drumming, $736 for Financial Literacy Project and $2,000 for STEAM Exploration
Spring Hill Middle School - $1,400 for Sphero Robotics and $230 for Yearbook Equipment
Woodland Spring Middle School - $1,400 for Sphero Robotics
Spring Hill High School - $$260 for Photography Equipment and $476 for Perfect Pasta

Click here to complete the 2018-19 Grant Report.