School Closings

How the Decision is Made 
Closing school due to inclement weather is one of the most difficult decisions a superintendent makes, involving the educational needs of the students, family childcare arrangements, and transportation safety. 

Before making the decision, the superintendent receives data from district employees about the weather conditions across the 71 square miles of the district, in an attempt to gather the most reliable information possible. He also receives a professional weather service report by 4:30 a.m., and then confers with area superintendents via conference call regarding possible school closure. 

The superintendent specifically evaluates the amount of snowfall, current road conditions and the potential for icing, temperature, timing and duration of the storm, the safety of student drivers, readiness of school parking lots and sidewalks, and availability of buses and drivers. 

On any day when weather is a concern, parents may choose to delay the arrival of their children to school, not send them on that day, or pick them up early during the day. 

The decision to cancel school is typically made by 6 a.m. and immediately reported to the Emergency Information Network, which is organized by the area school districts, area radio, and television stations and area police departments. The message will be relayed to staff, students and parents in a number of ways, including via email, text, on the district’s web site (, and posted on the district's Facebook and Twitter sites. While it is preferable to make the decision the night before, it is not usually possible. Please make sure you are signed up to receive alerts from the district (general and emergency notifications).

Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, we will utilize a late start option for days when a delay would allow for better weather conditions at bus stops and during drop off/walking times. If this option is utilized by the district parents will receive notification the night before.

In the case of early dismissal after school is in session, school administrators and staff will work with parents as much as possible to assist in the safety of all students. Parents are advised to make prior plans with their children for such a situation. 

School Closing Notification 
In the event the Spring Hill School District needs to close the school system or specific schools for any emergency reason, including bad weather, information is available:

  • By push notifications through the district app
  • By visiting the district website
  • By following the district on Facebook or Twitter
  • By watching local television channels and listening to local radio stations that are part of the Emergency Information System, including:

KCMO 710-AM radio

KMBZ 980-AM radio

KCUR 89.3-FM radio





Please do not call the schools or Board of Education office main phone for closing information. 

Recess Guidelines 
Cold weather may also affect elementary outdoor recess. Outdoor recess will be conducted if:

  • The outside air temperature and/or wind chill is 20°F or greater.
  • There is no falling precipitation.

Limited outdoor recess will be held if the outside air temperature and/or wind chill is between 10° and 19°F. 

Indoor recess will be held if the outside air temperature and/or wind chill is lower than 10°F or if there is falling precipitation. 

On days when the district has canceled school, there is no Y-Club offered by the YMCA at any of the Spring Hill schools. 

Facility Rental 
If school is canceled, facility rental by the community also is cancelled.


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