USD 230 Welcomes New Teachers

USD 230 Welcomes New Teachers
Posted on 08/14/2019
WelcomeThe Spring Hill School District welcomed new teachers and staff for the 2019-20 school year during New Employee Welcome (August 5-7) and the Opening Ceremony (August 13)!

Elementary Teachers
Group photo of new elementary staff standing and seated
L-R Front Row: Kendra Walsh, Laura VanDeusen, Debora Christenson, Melissa Moritz, Karen Gallagher and Shelly Stringer
L-R Middle Row: Amanda Crooks, Sarah Lewis, Rhianne Hohendorf, Carmen Taylor, Meredith Hall, Kathy Blanchard, Jessica Gillcrist and Ashley Diviney
L-R Back Row: Ashley Fox, Anita Lunsford, Meaghan Seib, Kristin Brown, John Schulte, Michelle Long, Leslie Harris, Heidi Blum, Katie Donnell, Lauren Schmoll, Morgan Kerfes, Melanie Montanez, Susan Wegman and Larkin Fales

Secondary Teachers 
New secondary teachers standing and seated
L-R Front Row: Maureen Kennedy, Angie Troutman, Autumn Beashore, Polly Dvorak, Melissa Reinhart and Kelly Koenigsman
L-R Middle Row: Natalie White, Meka Bauer, Dalton Maples, Alix Kunkle, Ronald Juzeler, Brooke Hancock, Brooke Curry and Alison Moore
L-R Back Row: Amy Brownlee, Erika Lundstrom, Sydney Rolfe, Fawna Fancher, Andrea Carley, Molly Dugan, Lisa Farmer, Kelsea Stueve, Mitch Brumley, Paige Husa, Brendan Clary, Brent Fales and Jordan Kupersmith