SHEF 2019 Awards Teacher Excellence Grants

SHEF Awards Teacher Excellence Grants
Posted on 10/16/2019
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On October 15, 2019, the Spring Hill Education Foundation awarded $11,701 in Teacher Excellence Grants across the district. For the past four years the foundation has been awarding these grants to teachers for projects to enhance extraordinary educational opportunities for students in the classroom.

This year the foundation was pleased to award the following grants:

Video Announcement Equipment - $200 – Spring Hill Elementary School
This grant will be used to purchase equipment for student use to help communicate school announcements to all students and staff. For example, students will have the ability to announce special events, birthdays, lunch menu and the daily weather. Additionally, students will have the ability to create high quality videos that would be played each morning within each classroom throughout the building.

World Music Drumming - $5,000 – Spring Hill Elementary School & Wolf Creek Elementary School
World Music Drumming equipment will help both elementary schools implement the Drum Circle Project into their music classes. This program provides K-5 and special needs students with auditory, visual and bodily-kinesthetic learning opportunities that will allow them to develop leadership skills and a sense of community among their peers.

Financial Literacy Project - $736 – Wolf Creek Elementary School
Preparing students for the future involves educating them on financial literacy. This grant will allow fifth graders the opportunity to learn about budgeting, saving, and money management through a project based and hands-on learning unit.

STEAM Exploration - $2,000 – Wolf Creek Elementary School
This school year Wolf Creek started a STEAM Lab where students could focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math. This grant will allow the teachers to expand STEAM project materials so that every student has the ability to do activities in each curricular area. Some of the additional materials will include magnets, simple machines and engineering tools.

Yearbook Equipment - $230 – Spring Hill Middle School
This grant will allow the middle school yearbook staff to purchase two vital pieces of equipment. A monopod, so the students can hold the camera steadier as well as feel more in control of the camera during photo opportunities and new camera lens to help obtain a sharper better-quality photo.

Sphero Robotics - $2,800 – Woodland Springs Middle School & Spring Hill Middle School
In effort to expand education on different robotics coding programs both middle schools will utilize this grant to delve into the Sphero robotics world. This particular program is intuitive making it easy for students to start experimenting with robotics and coding almost immediately.

Perfect Pasta - $475 – Spring Hill High School
Culinary students at SHHS learn about the fundamentals and principles of the art of cooking and the science of baking. In effort to expand on culinary education, the high school will use their grant to purchase a pasta making machine. This addition will allow culinary arts students to learn about the preparation of pasta and the various ways pasta can be used.

Photography Backdrop & Frames - $260 – Spring Hill High School
This grant will allow students to explore the artistic side of the photography by purchasing a backdrop frame with accompanying frames. These additional supplies will allow students to learn more about different types of portraits and the skill set needed to create artistic photography.

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