Optional Meals During Remote and Hybrid Learning

Optional Meals During Remote and Hybrid Learning
Posted on 08/24/2020
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Meals for optional remote learning students and middle and high school mandatory remote learning students will be made available, for those who have preregistered, at Spring Hill High School between 12  - 1 pm during hybrid and mandatory remote learning. The pickup location will be around the north end of the building in the back staff parking lot. Please stay in your vehicle, and when you pull up staff will take your student’s name and distribute the meals. To save time, please have your meal registration confirmation email on your phone screen. 

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Weekly meal cost:
Week of August 26: Free = $0, Reduced = $2.10, Paid = $14.25
Week of August 31: Free = $0, Reduced = $3.50, Paid = $23.75
Week of September 8: Free $0, Reduced = $2.80, Paid = $19.00
If the meals are not picked up, the student account will still be charged ($2.45 for breakfast and $3.85 for lunch) no matter the payor status (paid/free/reduced). Meals can be canceled by 9:00 am Monday morning by calling (913) 592-7283.

Scheduled meal pick-up dates:

Wednesday, August 26 (meals for 3 days)

Monday, August 31 (meals for 5 days)

Tuesday, September 8 (meals for 4 days)

*Additional dates will be announced based on gating criteria determinations. Please check back for additional information. If you have any questions please contact the Nutrition Services Department at (913) 592-7283.

Register for meals here.