February Standing Ovations

February Standing Ovations
Posted on 02/26/2021

Thank you for recognizing and supporting our excellent employees! Let's hear it for our February Price Chopper Standing Ovation nominees:

ESC - Andy Price, Bob Moss, Kyley Delphia

ECC - Elizabeth Schnetzler, Lisa Dooley, Michelle Lynn, Stephanie Barnhill

PCES - Colleen Redmon, Dr. J. Schulte, MaKayla Holopirek, Megan Evans

SHES - Amanda Phelps, Amee Kelly, April Leavitt, Bridget Costello, Bridget Costello, Debra Burns X 2, Erin Shaffer X 2, Gina Zimmerman, Hanna Kline X 2, Kayla Heenan, Kelsie Proehl, Lisa Dooley, Mrs. L. Harris, Ronda Bardwell, Sadie Clements X 2, Shelby Pelkey, Stephanie Brewster

TSES - Abby Robertson, Adrienne Besler, Jonathan Dodds X 2, Kaitlyn Haas

WCES - Allison Ozier, Ashley O’Malley/McKenna Jansson, Heather Dent, Margaret Cook

SHMS - All Food Service Employees, Becky Noll, Chris Edstrom, Jill Starling, Katie Sibbitt, Lloyd Gallagher, Malissa Torrez, Rebecca Hodge, Rebecca Riffel, Tami Nichols, Taylor Woodward, Virginia Jones, Walter Farrell

WSMS - Jessica Gazzano, Mary Honnold


SHHS - Corey Katzer, Gary Howard, Kerry Smith, Lisa Hoover, Wesley Book


Congratulations to our monthly Price Chopper Standing Ovation winner: Bob Moss, ESC!

Bob Moss Standing Ovation Certificate 


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