December 2020 Standing Ovations

December 2020 Standing Ovations
Posted on 12/18/2020

Thank you for recognizing and supporting our excellent employees! Let's hear it for our December Price Chopper Standing Ovation nominees:

BOE - Brook Allred, Misty Eytcheson X 2

ECC - Cheyanne Hadsall, Hannah Silverman, Heather Thompson, Jennifer Schmidtberger X 2, Jeri Brack X 2, Laura Hines, Lucinda Moss X 2, Rachel Bokowski

SHES - Abbey Allen, Abigail England, Adriane Barrett X 3, April Leavitt, Brenda Megee, Holly Shupert, Lucy Mohler X 3, Meredith Hall, Mrs. Clements, Rebecca Randall, Robin Spencer X 2, Sadie Clements, Sharon Dvorak, Shelly Huber X 2, Suzy Wolf, Tiffany Zerr

TSES - Ashley Diviney, Carrie Bates, Katie Smith, Marilee Thompson, Megan Daniels, Mischelle Robertson, Patricia Taylor, Susan Wegman

WCES - Amanda Kimmi, Daneen Hollern, Dawn Winkel, Elena Gudjenov, Heidi Peterson, Heidi Versaw, Kathy Blanchard, Michelle Seichepine, Miss Madl, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Lenz 

SHMS - Allison Perry, Ashley Jasper, Christine Roitz, Lucinda Oliver, Maximo Penichet, Megan Storey, Rebecca Riffel X 2, SHMS Faculty and Staff, Taylor Woodward, Trevor Goertzen, Trevor Goertzen & Callie Weitzel

WSMS - Angela Tauer, Mary Honnold, Rodney Sprague, Sarah Collins

SHHS - Alix Kunkle, Glenda Johnston, Laurie Brueckner, Lesia Stiles, Michelle Weltz, Rebecca Fawcett

Congratulations to our monthly Price Chopper Standing Ovation winner: Angela Tauer, WSMS!

Angela Tauer's Price Chopper Standing Ovation Certificate with nomination paragraph.

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