COVID-19 Update 3/30/20

COVID-19 Update 3/30/20
Posted on 03/30/2020
COVID-19 Update 3/30

We hope your student’s first day with the Continuous Learning Plan (CLP) was successful! Please read this email in its entirety as we’ve adjusted previously communicated CLP printed distribution plans based on today’s distribution.

Elementary Choice Boards

To limit contact between families and staff, elementary students will not be returning work completed on the Choice Boards. Choice Boards are designed to be real-world learning activities that can be completed and evaluated at home. 

Unlike secondary students, elementary students do not have an established online learning platform. This is something we are looking at and we’ll let you know if this changes.

Additionally, please do not ask teachers for additional work for your student. If you need additional work or resources please visit our Additional Elementary Enrichment Resources webpage. Teachers will be adding resources to this page throughout the remainder of the scheduled school year. Having your student read for at least 20 minutes and be physically active for at least 30 minutes each day is a great way to break up your Choice Board activities.

Choice Boards will be available all week at the Spring Hill Price Chopper. The district table is located just inside the entrance across from the cart storage. Additionally, you can find the boards on the district website. The Choice Boards will only be available in the meal lines on Mondays (this is a change from the previously communicated Friday distribution in meal lines). 

Grades and Grading Completed 4th Quarter Work

As long as students are completing all work assigned by teachers through the Continuous Learning Plans at a satisfactory level, your student will maintain their current grade at the end of the third quarter for the fourth quarter. However, not completing assignments at the secondary level can negatively affect fourth quarter grades. 

If a student needs to raise their grade from the third quarter to the fourth, they will need to work with their teacher to determine the quality of work needed to raise the grade. 

Elementary 3rd Quarter Grade Cards

On Friday, April 3rd at noon, all teachers will have finalized third quarter grades. You can access your child’s grades by logging on to Skyward and going to the ‘Gradebook.’ A log-in button, as well as some information about Skyward, can be found at this link:

Any family who is needing a printed grade card can email their school’s secretary, and one will be mailed home.

Laura Ruger at Prairie Creek Elementary

Jackie Rufer at Timber Sage Elementary

Sharon Dvorak at Spring Hill Elementary

Sandie Lancellotti at Wolf Creek Elementary 

Again, we are here to help you, so please reach out with questions or concerns. 

Meal Distribution Time Change Effective Monday, April 6, 2020

Effective Monday, April 6, the meal drive-up times will be from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm at each site.